Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

Though minor piercings are allowed in Texas, The Austin Tattoo Co is an 18 and up establishment. No minor piercings allowed.

What is the cost?

The pricing below reflects the piercing fee only. Jewelry is sold separately.


Visit the JEWELRY PAGE to view options

(sold separately & tax not included)

Basic Titanium – $10 & up

Externally Threaded Decorative Titanium $13 & up

Threadless Decorative Titanium – $19 & up

14K Gold – Ranges $25-250 with average pricing for gold being around $45-75.

What piercings do you do?

Ear: Lobe, Stacked Lobe, Helix, Conch, Rook, Tragus, Flat, Forward Helix, Industrial, Curated Ear, Ear Projects

Facial: Eyebrow, Bridge, Nostril, High Nostril, Septum, Medusa, Monroe, Labret, Vertical Labret, Lower Lip, Vertical Tongue Only

Torso: Nipples, Navel, Vertical Hood (VCH), Labia.


What’s wrong with my piercing?
Please visit Troubleshooting Page.

What items do I need in advance?

I suggest cleaning piercings with Saline Wound Wash. We sell Neilmed Wound Wash for $10 in store – less than online retailers like Amazon.

Hot/Cold Gel Compress 

For Ear Piercings: Travel Pillow for easy sleeping

Provon Antimicrobial Soap if you prefer soap and water cleaning method.

Sterile Gauze for homemade compresses or covering piercing when needed.

Is it going to hurt?
If you can handle getting your blood taken, a shot, body waxing, or popping a bad zit then you can handle a piercing!

What piercings hurt more?
Different people will have a different answer for this. Some will say tongues are the most painful, however, most people will say it was nothing. Also, your piercer, hormones and how sensitive your body part is goes into the factor of how bad it will hurt. Good news! A piercing is over with in seconds, so even if it does hurt really bad it will be over with by the time you feel it!!

Will you Pierce with a hoop?

There are certain piercings I will Pierce with a hoop. Septums and Daith piercings naturally heal better with a hoop. I no longer pierce noses with hoops. I have been seeing more people come in with issues during healing and no longer offer that as an a option.

Is your studio clean?
ATC follows sterile techniques. ALL needles are single use and sterilized. All reusable clamps and other tools are sterilized after each use in an ultra sonic and autoclave. All jewelry is medical grade titanium and sterilized prior to piercing. Tables and trays are sprayed down with a disinfectant and single use nitrile gloves are used on each client. Our store does monthly spore testing to test that our autoclave is working.

Is it a needle or a gun?
Needle ONLY! Piercing guns are baaad! They can not be properly sterilized after each use. They take a blunt end of jewelry forcing it through your skin. A needle (tho sounds scary) is very sharp and goes through the skin with ease. The jewelry used in a piercing gun is normally made of low grade metal and does not allow room for your piercing to swell and hard to clean around. Plus, Body Piercers usually have more experience and education than the girl at Claire’s who is working there for the summer. Check out this great example:

Can I get pierced while I’m pregnant?
Of course not!! You need to focus on growing that bun in your oven! If a piercing gets infected it can harm your baby. Sorry, but it’s against the law for us to pierce you!

Can I put a spacer in it?
A spacer or retainer is a plastic piece of jewelry that is worn to conceal the piercing. It is suggested to wait 8 weeks before putting a spacer in a new piercing. The material of the spacer is not good for healing, the constant changing of jewelry can irritate the piercing site and the spacer is usually isn’t long enough for swelling. Make up needs to stay off piercing as well until it is healed. Using a bandage can work but can also irritate the piercing. So, watch it carefully if you use one. If you can not keep it in for the 8 weeks because of school or work then it may be best to wait till summer or pick another piercing.
For medical emergencies (like surgery or MRIs) you will need to take out your jewelry. A spacer is plastic and can be worn during surgery. It will be better to put a spacer in then risk leaving it out. That way if you have to recover you don’t have to rush to get it back in. Remember a healthy body heals better, so your piercing could get irritated while your body is trying to heal other parts. Really baby your piercing during this time.

Can I go swimming after I get a piercing?
It is suggested to wait 8 weeks or longer until soaking in dirty water.
Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans are big bodies of dirty, dirty, DIRTY water!
Chlorinated Private Pools can irritate the new piercing.
You CAN cover some piercings with a water proof bandage. Make sure there is no way it can leak. If your piercing is a facial piercing then don’t go under water with it.
Showering is fine! Wash off any shampoo or body wash. Bathing or soaking a piercing in bath water would be best if waited till after the 8 weeks.